Friday, December 7, 2012

Export Centulink or e-mail Address

I am staying with really wonderful lady as a pay and guest. She is Centurylink customer and when she wanted to close service from Centurylink, she found out that she is using Centurylink e-mail client which end with "". She has all the e-mail address of the people who she send regular mail and her business customer's e-mail ids are also in Centurylink e-mail. So she tried to contact Centurylink Customer Care and asked them to help her to transfer her Centurylink e-mail addresses to her new e-mail account in GMail. But she got reply that, Centurylink can not help her and she have to contact such a service provider who is going to charge her $29.99 for this task. So I thought to take a look to her Centurylink account and I found the way to Export the contact to .csv file, which is most common source for any e-mail client to import contacts.

Let see how can you Export your Centurylink Contacts to .csv file

1. Log in to you Centurylink account.

2. Now click on Orange Button See Full Inbox. It will open up new tab or window and take you to Centurylink Mail Box.

3. If you are using Classic Mail of Century link then you will see following king of Mail Box.

4. Then select Address Book.

5. Then select "Edit".

6. Then you will see following Screen. Here Select "Export To .csv"

7. This will create Contacts.csv File for you... Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have Fun!!!!!!